Jemay Leow
Playing with my cats, practicing piano, and listening to jazz. My favorite album as of right now is Idle Moments by Grant Green, and my favorite jazz pianist of all time is Bill Evans! I love NPR and my favorite podcast is of course, This American Life. That show brings out so many emotions in me, and the storytelling is exceptional!
I don't know exactly what college I want to go to, but I would like to get a major in Digital Broadcasting and a minor in English.
Dream Job
I would either be a broadcast engineer or a lawyer. I am doing mock trial and AntlerVision right now and they are some of my favorite things. I love getting to tell stories through broadcasting and it would be really cool to work in public radio.
Dream Vacation

I have worked a lot on using Show Control, Replay, and VMix. These are all digital programs that we use to produce our show whether it be through livestream or videoboard. I really enjoy doing things more on the behind-the-scenes end because I get a really important job that cleans up the final product and requires me to use problem-solving skills and think through things quickly. I love learning new software, and I am really excited to start making videos and promos in the future. I love AntlerVision so far because I really get to apply the skills I learned in Yearbook to a much bigger and rapidly expanding program. We are always doing important stuff!