Destiny Keifer
I like to listen to music; I also play ukulele and sing so I love doing that. I’m involved in Deer Creek’s drama and theatre program, and I love doing that too!
I want to go to UCO to pursue either music to be a performer or teaching to be a drama teacher.
Dream Job
I would love to be a musician or actress full time. Being a performer is one of my favorite things ever and to make a living out of that would be ideal.
Dream Vacation
I want to visit Italy someday. The townhouses and cafes there are so cute.

I’ve always been interested in media production and have been in photography classes before. Broadcasting seemed like something that I would enjoy, and once I worked my first football game, I fell in love with it. Seeing what it was like to work behind the scenes on a project like that was so much fun, and I loved bonding with other people who love being in AntlerVision too!