Max Smith

Max Smith Senior Hobbies Flying in my grandpa’s plane with him on good clear days College None. I have been in Francis Tuttle for welding for the past 2 years. I want to get a welding job after High school. Dream Job Flying private jets around…

Maicie Hallman

Maicie Hallman Senior Hobbies Spending time with friends and family and working out College University of Arkansas Dream Job Dental hygienist Dream Vacation Cancun

Abigail Cordell

Abigail Cordell Senior Hobbies Gaming, knitting, hula hooping, and making music College UCO, OCCC, or OCU Dream Job Any sort of job in computer science Dream Vacation I would go back to the countryside of England. I miss living there and it has been my dream to…

Kohana Braswell

Kohana Braswell Senior Hobbies Photography, thrifting, and dissecting movies and tv shows College UCO or OCU or OU Dream Job Cinematographer Dream Vacation Tokyo Japan

Owen Herndon

Owen Herndon Senior Hobbies Playing video games (mostly strategy games) College I’m thinking of going to the Savanna College of Art and Design or the California Institute of the Arts for a career in animation. Dream Job I want to go overseas to Hong Kong so…

Blake Shore

Blake Shore Senior Hobbies Playing my trumpet and playing video games College Major in computer science at the University of Oklahoma Dream Job Software developer at Apple Dream Vacation Los Angeles